Posts » Trust your people. Never trust a penguin.

Angry PenguinI didn't believe them. My people kept coming to me with charts and spreadsheets, but I would push them away. I just couldn't, in my heart, truly believe there was a market for adopting a horde of rampaging penguins. Well, the sales reports just came in, and how wrong I was.

I still don't understand it though. I mean, don't get me wrong, penguins are cute, some of my best friends are penguins, I see the attraction there as much as the next guy, but come on. These penguins are hungry!

I guess the only lesson to draw from this is, sometimes I'm an idiot. I don't really like that notion though, so I'll obscure it behind some vague motivational prose about having faith in "the team". That's right, I should have more trust in my unerring ability to pick good people. That sounds a lot better...