Code quacker

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Want to understand this message, or make your own? Use the Code quacker! This used to be a pretty webpage, but it rusted away years ago. So I asked an AI to translate my old ugly C++ code to Python, and rebuilt it as a Grist spreadsheet. It kind of works?? Here's that link again, Code quacker. Hope the professional web design work here is establishing lots of confidence!

3D logo generator

Convert a black and white sketch to a three-dimensional logo (see examples).

Your black and white sketch:
black and white images only


Everyone's phone or computer is a bit different, so in case you are having trouble, here is a selection of tutorials on using makesweet from a few different people.

As Seen In Times Square

Hello New York! The heart locket animation showed up on billboards in Times Square because of enthusiastic Ranboo fans. Dexerto and Sportskeeda attempt to explain how this happened, I'm not sure I fully understand though.

Video: @weaskie

Fancier logos

Since forever, MakeSweet has been a handy place to convert a stencil into a 3D logo. For example, say you wanted to make a 3D hippo logo from a stencil like this:


Then a quick visit to our logo generator later, you have a dozen black-and-white models like this:

3d hippo

Now the new bit - we've added some new ray-traced physically realistic materials, like bronze, gold, glass and marble:

bronze hippo gold hippo glass hippo marble hippo

Get your own at the logo page. Enjoy!

Blue sky flag video

Now you can make higher resolution videos of your flag against a blue sky! The video loops perfectly, repeating seamlessly. I guess we got lucky with the wind 🙃

Billboard animation

On MakeSweet, we've had lots of animations, and lots of billboards, but never a billboard animation. Until now!


Shout at @mkswt