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I've been receiving a lot of emails from would-be bloggers asking how it is possible to have an output as prodigious as mine. First, it has to be said, some people are just born with a prodigious output. If you don't have it, there's really nothing to be done (no matter what certain spam advertising campaigns would have you believe). But second, if you want output, you have to make noise. Consider P. G. Wodehouse's book, the "Clicking of Cuthbert" (or, in American, "Golf Without Tears"). I'm not familiar with cuthberts, but I believe they are a kind of English golf club that makes a distinctive "clicking" noise when you hit a good true shot down the fairway. And it is the same with blogging. If you hear that distinctive "clicking" noise, the pitter-patter of tiny keys as it were, the you are probably doing something right. Wodehouse knows best.