Posts » Interpreting Cheney-speak

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart likes to make fun of Cheney's gruff, no-nonsense manner. But what exactly is he saying?

Hrr grr! Grr ARRR wrhr wrhr. Rrr ARRR? Grr hrr ARRR? ARRR rrr. Grr grr grr grr wrhr. Rrr ARRR! Rrr ARRR hrr ARRR ARRR ARRR rrr? Grr grr hrr. ARRR ARRR. Rrr wrhr grr grr rrr wrhr! Grr grr ARRR grr grr ARRR grr wrhr wrhr ARRR grr rrr. Wrhr ARRR. Grr rrr wrhr! ARRR.

Use the Code Quacker to interpret it.