Posts » Table has Cake. Cake has Klingon. Klingon has Birthday.

new blend previewBrownie and Bozo came up with a new animation for the MakeSweet Blender, featuring a table falling from space with a cake on it. Now that I write that down, it seems a little ... odd. I'm not sure if this was the one missing piece that the world was lacking in order to achieve a completely harmonious whole. You can control the image on the cake, and some words that sort of hover nearby it, so I suppose if you made some breathtaking choice of image and words, you might achieve ... something. "This is not a pipe", perhaps? They've used it in the past as an elaborate birthday card, apparently.

The movie generation procedure has been improved a bit; you can finally request email notifications (which is important, given that movies can take hours to produce), and it is a bit more obvious how to actually download the result (as opposed to viewing it online).