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Brownie and Bozo have slowly been coming around to using cmake rather than autoconf/automake. Autoconf/automake is the obvious choice for keeping C/C++ projects compilable on all sorts of UNIX systems using standard build toolchains, but as soon as you mix in different kinds of IDEs and non-UNIX operating systems, cmake becomes a lot more attractive. It is basically willing to generate whatever kind of strange makefile / project / solution / hurgle-nurgle file your favorite build tool expects. We've been pushed towards using cmake in order to be friendly to visual studio and xcode users. But now we're wondering if a widespread move towards tools like cmake might enable a revolution in build tools, since if someone comes up with a great new build tool all they'll have to do is add another generator to cmake (or its equivalent) rather than rewriting all existing projects. The sheer variety of build tools supported already by cmake makes this particularly easy to imagine.