Posts » Building a better webcam-enabled mousetrap

its-a-trap.jpgGot a webcam, some spare time, and a friend you want to annoy? Lay a trap for them with our webcam ambush. This is an image change detector implemented in Flash which triggers whenever there's motion in the field of view of your camera. When it triggers, it plays a sound of your choice.

So the scenario is: you leave your computer, webcam, and the ambush page running in a room. Later, your friend walks in and boom, the star trek "intruder alert" alarm goes off, or a mysterious voice laughs darkly, or there is a fanfare greeting, or ... well, you get the idea.

It is like those 20 dollar gadgets you can buy that do basically the same thing, except now with extra internets!!

This gizmo was inspired by Guy Watson's tutorial on Flash motion detection. It is in the same series as our webcam hat put-er on-er.