Posts » The great anniversary roundup: what foo-aversaries do you celebrate?

water-heart.jpgPrevious posts have sparked an interest in "foo-aversaries" of all kinds - anniversaries of particular events, perhaps counted in particular ways, that have been given special names. Here's some interesting ones I've been able to dig up, with links to examples of use or explanations.

  1. Meetaversary: an anniversary of a first meeting.
  2. Dateaversary: an anniversary of a first date.
  3. Kissaversary: an anniversary of a first kiss. A suggested alternative name is annikissary.
  4. Electroversary: an anniversary celebrated a year before the event (because electrons have a charge of "-1"). For example, one year before a planned wedding during a long engagement.
  5. Postaversary: hitting a significant number (such as 100) of blog posts.
  6. Blogaversary: an anniversary of starting a blog.
  7. Post-liver-transplant-aversary: exactly what it says. A cause for celebration indeed.
  8. Binaversary: an anniversary or birthday celebrated at 0, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, ... years.
  9. Cataversary: an anniversary of getting a cat.
  10. Fooaversary: an anniversary of some random thing.