Posts » The Code Quacker is now bloggable

duck-detective.gifIt is now easier to put messages encoded using the code quacker on your blog. When you create your message, there is now some suggested code that you can paste onto a webpage or blog entry. For example:

Your base. All base all. All your all base your. All all all all. All all all. Base all base. Your all. Base all! Your all. Your all your all base your your. All base! All all your? Your base base all base your. Base base all all base base. All base base all? All all! All base all. All base! Base all all base all base! Base all your base all. All your? Base all all all? Base base all all! All base. Base base base. All base? All all all base all all all all all all? Your your all. (decode)

The decode link takes you to the code quacker, passing along the identifier of the paragraph containing the coded message. The quacker then loads your webpage, pulls out the relevant text, and decodes it. Or at least that's what Brownie and Bozo tell me. I don't really understand what they are talking about.