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More and more user-generated billboard designs are showing up; see the "related designs" section of our original ye-olde-billboard-generator that has been on MakeSweet since time began.

Looking at what people have been doing with our billboard generator generator, it seems many of you would like overlaps, so that objects in the foreground can partially cover the billboard.

Done! Look at this new "Laptop at Meeting" generator, made with the billboard GOG:


It puts pictures/text onto a laptop screen. The key novelty here is that, if you look in the bottom right corner, you'll see that the laptop screen is partially covered by an arm. You can now make generators just like this yourself - check out the new "show mask" button in the billboard GOG. The user interface is very simple, just scribble with the mouse over the foreground area - and if you need to undo a bit, hold down the shift key and "unscribble". Enjoy!