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User-created generators are showing up in a steady stream now, we're happy to report. Some of our favorites:

Recent generators

You can browse more on the complete generator list. So as not to be lazy and leave everything to users, I made a generator too - a green-dyed river as a practice run for St. Patrick's day. I would like to talk just a little bit about how I did it. The generator looks like this:

Dying the Chicago River

It is made exactly like a billboard with the Billboard GOG, with two important differences to the regular rectangular billboards most people are making:

  • I wanted photos to be blended with the water, rather than on a blank background. So I unchecked the option for blanking the background. That part was easy.
  • I wanted the photo to be behind the people on the bridge (and the bridge itself), and to lie within the borders of the river, which aren't really straight. So I uploaded a "mask" I prepared in a drawing program (I use GIMP, but you can use Photoshop or anything like that).

The mask I used looked like this:

Mask for dyed river generator

Preparing the mask took some time, but people who do photo editing regularly could probably do it much faster than I did. After the mask was uploaded, all I had to do was lay out a 3D rectangle that approximated the surface of the river. I did the geometrically correct thing, and it looked terrible. Photos of people would show with shrunken heads and vastly expanded necks, which is not very attractive. So I chose a more aesthetically pleasing (if less geometrically accurate) angle, and that worked out a lot better. It is funny how often taste and physics diverge in computer graphics...