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Another round-up of new user-created generators. Some are classic billboards in big cities, some are less conventional (Bear Picnic, I'm looking at you). Enjoy! By the way, if you want to make your own generator, the power user page is a good place to start.

Tokyo Lights

The Tokyo Lights design is a cascade of billboards in a Japanese city.


Times Square Night

The Times Square Night design is a bright billboard on the side of Times Square, in the dark of night.


Mobile Billboard

The Mobile Billboard design is an ad on a mobile billboard truck.


Funny Poster

The Funny Poster design by user clydev is a woman looking at a poster (or the mirror) and smiling.


TV on Fridge

The TV on Fridge design by user udagawa is a TV sitting on a fridge, beside a PC. All the necessities of life.


Silver TV

The Silver TV design by user udagawa is a TV screen with a remote on a wooden counter.


Open Air Cinema

The Open Air Cinema design by user clydev is an outdoors movie screening.


Pronged Sculpture

The Pronged Sculpture design is a piece of art with an overlay.


Road of no return

The Road of no return design by user clydev is a billboard by a side of a windy, twisty road.


Couch Portrait

The Couch Portrait design is a comfy couch with space for a portrait-oriented picture behind it.


Bear Picnic

The Bear Picnic design is a bear at a picnic table, with his hairy paws on whatever you want.