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The user-created generators keep on coming. Thanks this week to techi18, clydev, and udagawa!

By the way, there's a new slideshow function in the works for combining lots of generated pictures into a single presentation. You can see a hint of what is to come by clicking the "slides" action link now showing on any generator page. As always, we'd really appreciate you letting us know if you come across any glitches, or have any suggestions.

Racecar computer

The Racecar computer design by user techi18 is a bizarre race-car/PDA hybrid that looks like it would be neither very useful as a computer or as a car.


Family Viewing

The Family Viewing design by user clydev is a flatscreen TV in front of a family paying full attention.


Window World

The Window World design is a set of computers demonstrating some strange operating system.


Picture Frame

The Picture Frame design is a picture frame, tilted in perspective, for your photo.


Girl With Laptop

The Girl With Laptop design by user clydev is a girl reaching over to a laptop on a counter.


Oriental Fast Food

The Oriental Fast Food design is a billboard over a fast food establishment somewhere in the orient.


Look Up

The Look Up design is a billboard looming over the heads of pedestrians on a busy street.


Flatscreen TV

The Flatscreen TV design by user udagawa is a flatscreen TV on an electronics-filled cabinet, beside a stack of household debris.


Japanese Subway

The Japanese Subway design by user techi18 is an advertisement in a Japanese subway train.


German Office

The German Office design is a billboard on a German office building.


Billboard Buildings

The Billboard Buildings design by user techi18 is a street that is more billboard than buildings.


Cat Meets Laptop

The Cat Meets Laptop design by user clydev is a cat cosies up to a laptop. It is probably nice and warm.


Man Holding Sign

The Man Holding Sign design by user clydev is a man wearing a business suit holding up a sign. He looks determined and resolute.


Van Screen

The Van Screen design by user techi18 is a van with screens on the sides for advertisements.


Wrist Computer

The Wrist Computer design by user techi18 is an unusual looking wrist-based device with a stylus interface.


Dog Meets Laptop

The Dog Meets Laptop design by user clydev is a dog sniffs around a laptop, maybe looking for browser cookies.