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This week we hit a milestone: the site now has 100 public generators and growing. Thanks to all who've been making generators, and especially clydev who's the first user to have over 10 published generators. Here's this week's round-up; thanks to the anonymous creators and to clydev, udagawa, alebur, and techi18.

Sign City

The Sign City design is another billboard in a panoramic shot of Times Square.


Control Signal

The Control Signal design is a traffic signal under your command.


Old style TV

The Old style TV design by user udagawa is a classic old-school television with cathode-ray tubes and knobs and dials and all the works.


Wall Painting

The Wall Painting design by user clydev is a painting being installed by two gloved men. Handle with care!


Dark Tower

The Dark Tower design is a billboard on a looming tower at night.


34th and Seventh

The 34th and Seventh design by user techi18 is a billboard behind a lamppost at an intersection.


Museum Art

The Museum Art design by user clydev is a painting inside a museum room flanked by imposing statues.


Park Billboard

The Park Billboard design is an imposing billboard beside a leafy park, somewhere oriental.


Happy Fans

The Happy Fans design by user clydev is a bunch of guys cheering at a screen.


Simple Keyboard

The Simple Keyboard design is a very low-resolution picture of a very low-complexity user interface. Assuming you know binary machine code of course.


Glowing Screen

The Glowing Screen design by user alebur is a woman looking at a glowing desktop computer in a dim room.