3D Logo Generator

Convert a black and white stencil to a three-dimensional logo. The picture you provide is traced, simplified, and then extruded to give it depth.

Your black and white sketch:
black and white images only


Here are some before-and-after examples. Uploaded image on the left, 3D result on the right:

Rabbit 3D version: Rabbit
PIGA 912 3D version: PIGA 912
Feliz Cumple Tontita! 3D version: Feliz Cumple Tontita!
Stick figure LOL 3D version: Stick figure LOL
No missiles 3D version: No missiles
Snail 3D version: Snail
WRX 3D version: WRX
man jumping with basketball 3D version: man jumping with basketball
road and tree 3D version: road and tree
LBB 3D version: LBB
Linkin Park 3D version: Linkin Park
scorpion 3D version: scorpion
DL 3D version: DL
RB 3D version: RB
CORVA 3D version: CORVA
CKJ 3D version: CKJ
QiQo 3D version: QiQo
Bepka 3D version: Bepka
elchif 3D version: elchif
bgm (tm) 3D version: bgm (tm)
bird R N 3D version: bird R N
juanjo 3D version: juanjo
A love heart 3D version: A love heart
A celtic animal 3D version: A celtic animal
The letters IB 3D version: The letters IB


Fast, big

Slow, smaller, experimental

Your picture needs to be reasonably square or these will be cropped on one side right now.


Want to customize the view, shading, or color in a way not shown here yet?

  • Download the blend file we produced for this design.
  • Download Blender, the free and open source program that'll let you modify the blend file however you please.


How good the result is depends on the nature of the picture you upload.

  • For best results, use black and white only.
  • Make sure your picture is in a commonly used format such as jpeg or png.
  • Try to keep the picture to less than 1 MB in size.
  • Try to keep the picture to less than 1000x1000 in dimension.
  • If your picture contains fine detail you want preserved, we can't help you at the moment; that would place too great a load on our server for a free web service. You could check out the learning resources given below and try to make a 3D shape yourself with Inkscape and Blender.

Learning resources

Making a logo like we do here depends on two steps: tracing and extrusion. The outline of pictures can be traced to produce a set of curves using free tools such as Inkscape. The result can then be imported into Blender and the 2D curves converted into a 3D shape with a specified width.

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