“Heart Locket With Hat On”

The Heart Locket With Hat On design is an animated heart locket, with snowflakes on it FOR SOME REASON, polished really shiny like an ornament who knows why, and with a fuzzy red hat dropping on to it at the end??? There's also a blurry background that has some suspiciously seasonal splotches. If you are a person who celebrates with these particular splotches, this might a good way to tell someone they are your beloved and to watch out for falling fuzzy hats at this time. Credits: the fuzzy hat is by rolcsu, the environment map by Sergej Majboroda.

This is a 400x300 design, with 800x600 available to subscribers everyone. (There are no subscribers, though you can follow @mkswt on twitter if you're desperate).

Looking for something a little more exclusive? A little more stylish? A little more ... expensive? MakeSweet Deluxe may be for you.

Need help? Watch this speed-run (credit: @ItsStambre). It might not in fact help but at least it will leave you stressed and anxious. Um. Here are some gentler tutorials.

Once someone had a problem and asked @mkswt about it on twitter and it totally got fixed and everyone lived happily ever after. Other people didn't have any problems but followed @mkswt on twitter anyway and found out about new templates before anyone else, giving them a competitive advantage in the chaotic meme wars that engulfed the globe in the early 21st century. The declaration and rapid growth of the Republic of Make Sweetistan was, in retrospect, a logical consequence of this early lead in the ensuing arms race and


About this design

The design is made using Blender, a free and open source 3D animation suite.

Shout at @mkswt