“Irish Heart Locket”

The Irish Heart Locket design is a heart locket that is green and that has shamrocks on it. Subtle it is not. Useful for St Patrick's day, or in a pinch, Halloween? Shamrocks aren't really meant to be on hearts, if my doctor said I had them I would be worried and modify my diet straight away.

This is a 400x300 design, with 800x600 available to subscribers everyone. (There are no subscribers, though you can follow @mkswt on twitter if you're desperate).

Need help? Watch this speed-run (credit: @ItsStambre). It might not in fact help but at least it will leave you stressed and anxious. Um.

Did I mention about following @mkswt on twitter? I did? Oh gosh I'm sorry about repeating all that about following @mkswt on twitter. You really don't have to you know, I won't mind. Forget I ever mentioned following @mkswt on twitter.


About this design

The design is made using Blender, a free and open source 3D animation suite.

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